White Rabbit

Rioux, Sue - Sue Rioux Designs
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"White Rabbit" is a wonderful kaleidoscope creation by Sue Rioux.  Here is what Sue has to say about this fabulous sculpture: "I decided to create the White Rabbit from looking at the illustration from the lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland series.  I used aluminum foil and duct tape to create a basic form.  I then spent many hours sculpting the fine details with polymer clay.  When I was satisifed with the results, it was then fired.  I created the eyes by fusing 2 pieces of glass together in a kiln.  The finished sculpture was then prepared for paint with several coats of a primer.  I painted the color and details using acrylic paint.  The sculpture was then mounted on a cherry wood turning base.  The piece includes 3 kaleidoscopes.  I hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I did making it."

Each of the non-turning end kaleidoscopes is 4-1/4"T x 1" in diameter.  One has a dry object cell and a 2-mirror system.  The second has has a fluid-filled object cell with a 3-mirror system and the third has a fluid-filled object cell with a 2-mirror system.  Each of the scopes is decorated with a different picture of the White Rabbit.  This sculpture stands 13"T x 9" in diameter and the 3 scopes can be displayed in the rabbit's arms and in the scroll in front of the rabbit.  

This is an amazingly sweet piece!