Violet Firefly Dry Cell

Cohen, Roy - Roy's Kaleidoscopes
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"Violet Firefly" is a brilliant kaleidoscope by Roy Cohen.  This version has a dry object cell and comes in both a dark brass and a light brass version.  The kaleidoscope frame is made out of welded brass.  There is a UV torchlight implanted within the kaleidoscope body.  This light is transferred through fiber optics to the hidden object cell chamber that includes florescent objects and is situated within the kaleidoscope body.  This scope has a 2-mirror system and it is signed and dated by the artist.

In an artist statement about these kaleidoscopes Roy says: "During my teen years, family holidays were spent in the Sinai Peninsula on the shores of the magical Red Sea.  Days, both morning and afternoon, would be spent snorkeling through the amazing coral reefs.  The luminescent nature and the wonderful colours of the marine life that I encountered there served as the inspiration for the handmade luminescent objects set within the chamber.  Through these pieces I strive to recreate the magic of those special memories of the marine life in the Red Sea."

These scopes measure 18-1/2"T on the stand.  The scope itself is 11"L x 6-1/2"W at the object cell end and 2-1/2" in diameter at the eyepiece end.