Vapouriser 'Six'

Cook, Robert & Teh, Jocelyn - Arcana Kaleidoscopes
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This is "Vapouriser 'Six'" by Robert Cook and Jocelyn Teh of Arcana Kaleidoscopes.  It is a brass and copper construction mounted on a turned Mahogany base.  This scope is built around the vapouriser from a vintage mentholated spirits stove, a synchromesh gear guide and other recycled parts.  This construction contains two different mirror systems, a 2-mirror system and a modified 3-mirror system.  There are two 5-1/2" object wheels, one with colorful stained glass and glass beads and the other with gemstones.  The scope has antique patination with polished brass highlights and many moving parts.  This scope measures 12"T x 11"L x 8"W and it has a plaque stating "Arcana Kaleidoscope, Handcrafted in Austrailia, No. 7109.