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The "Timefly" by Henry Bergeson is a gorgeous handmade pedestal kaleidoscope that will take you away.  Its highly sculpted, swooping shape is a pleasure to gaze upon and its extra long object case can be twisted as well as slid from side to side.  This allows you to see a wide range of incredible imagery.  When you slide the case in one direction it is as if the image is draining away from you down some infinite wormhole.  When you slide it in the other direction it is like coming out of that same wormhole right at you.  Then when you twist the tube a whol other set of effect happens.  All of the wood components of the kaleidoscope are taken through a 25 step sanding and finishing process creating a wonderfully smooth and beautiful sculpture.  The Timefly is available in Bubinga wood accented with Maple or Maple accented with Bubinga.  The name comes from the humorous saying "Time flies like an arrow' fruit flies like a banana".  This scope has a modified 3-mirror system and it measures 14-1/2"T x 9-1/4"W at the base.  The object cylinder is 9-1/2"L and the scope is signed and dated by the artist.