The Scream

Cook, Robert & Teh, Jocelyn - Arcana Kaleidoscopes
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"The Scream" is a parlor kaleidoscope by Robert Cook and Jocelyn Teh of Arcana Kaleidoscopes.  It is a brass and copper construction in a barrel 250x65mm with antique patination and polished highlights.  The base is turned from Tasmanian Myrtle.  There are two different mirror systems, a 2-mirror and a 3-mirror, and two 5-1/2" in diameter object wheels, one with agates and one with stained glass.  There is an assembly of found objects secreted under the base and there are 5 chaines on top holding a captive in place.  There is also a caged captive under the barrel and a screaming woman in the barrel.  This piece measures 11"T x 11"L x 6-1/2"W at the base and it is signed (Robert Cook) and dated (2018) by the artist.