The Charles G. Bush Kaleidoscope Reproduction

Van Cort, Erik - Van Cort Instrument Makers
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This is "The Charles G. Bush Kaleidoscope Reproduction" by Erik Van Cort of Van Cort Instrument Makers.  This scope is from 1989 and the reproduction is so perfect that when it was released, the market for the original Bush kaleidoscope crashed for over two years.  This is a parlor kaleidoscope on a Mahogany base.  There is a dry, turning-end, end-lit object chamber that includes lampworked glass and fluid-filled ampules.  There is a 2-mirror 5-point system and this scope creates stunning, crystal clear images.  The scope has a leather covered body with a brass ships wheel turning end.  This scope measures 15-1/2"T x 10"L x 3-1/2" in diameter (barrel) and 7"W at the base.  The base is marked: "C.G. Bush Patented Nov. 17, 1873".  Also marked on the brass turning end of the scope: "C.G. Bush and Co. Prov RI Patent Reissued Nov 11, 1873".  Also marked on the brass eyepiece (under the removable leather cover): "Van Cort No. 714/2500".