Tee Time Kaleido Clubs

Davis, Debra
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"Tee Time Kaleidoscope-Clubs" is a wonderful kaleidoscope set by Debra Davis.  Perfect for the golf enthusiast!  There is a golf bag made of black stained glass and silver solder complete with pouch and zipper accents and a shoulder strap.  This stained glass golf bag holds 5 different stained glass Kaleidoscope-Clubs each with a different mirror system.  The mirror systems include a 3-mirror, 30-60-90, 4-mirror, 2-mirror 6-points, and 3-mirror equilateral.  The objects on all of these scopes are removable and one of the half-moon shaped object cells can be opened so that you can change out the objects inside.  Each of the half-moon shaped object cells contains lampworked glass.  The golf bag and each of the scopes is signed by the artist and dated 7/01/98.  The scopes in the bag measure approximately 9"T x 5"W x 9"L and the set weighs 5 lbs.