Sylvia in Curly Maple and Ambrosia Maple

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"Sylvia" is a wooden parlor kaleidoscope by Bob Tupa that features an emphasis on natural materials.  This scope has a 2-mirror system with first surface mirrors.  There is a 3 diopter lens.  The scope body is of Curly Maple and Ambrosia Maple and the finish is a combination of boiled linseed oil and shellac.  The exposed brass components are laquer protected.  The turret has a ball bearing mechanism for smooth operation.  The turret is also designed to have an open side.  This allows for lighting from the side or from the end to give a variety of viewing experiences.  The object cell is fluid-filled with a black background and it contains shavings of walnut, curly maple, mahogany, ebony, bacote, paduk, maple seeds, white pine needles and brass wire.  The object cell is held in place by a steam bent wood component of maple and the cell is removable.  The turned base is recessed to minimize instability and rocking and felt pads are on the bottom to protect the surfaces upon which the scope may be placed.  This scope is signed by the artist, named and dated (2018) and it measures 16-1/2"T x 9"W x 12-1/2"L.