Tickle, Marc - On Reflection
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Marc Tickle designs award-winning glass kaleidoscopes that are sculpturally appealing on the outside and spatially revealing on the inside.  His 3-dimensional interior images defy the space that they occupy, conveying a harmonic balance of shape, color, and form.

Suspeso is a very newly designed piece by Marc.  He has been experimenting for a long time to achieve a very 3D optical illusion and he has 'cracked it' with Suspeso.  It is a one-of-a-kind piece.  For this kaleidoscope Marc slumped the large glass lens over a mold he made from clay.  He has mastered a method of slumping over a mold to leave a very clear and unscratched glass lens.  The exterior glass is a return to Marc's paint making past.  He makes the paints from mica pigments, and reverse paints onto clear smooth glass.  He then sprinkles in some gold leaf into the paint as it is drying.

The image is achieved from only two mirrors.  Marc cut away a portion of the mirrors, filled it in with gilded papers, and painted the gilded part with a thin paintbrush to accent the patterns.  This kaleidoscope is 14" tall, 12" deep and 6 1/2" wide.