Spring Surprise

Strino, Massimo - Imago Visual Art
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"Spring Surprise"  by Massimo Strino is a wonderful musical pedestal dual kaleidoscope that plays the "Theme from Dr. Zhivago" or "Lara's Theme" and it also plays "London Bridge is Falling Down".  These tunes play when the part of the scope that the carousel sits on is wound.  This scope features a Swarovski crystal encrusted carousel with beautiful white horses.  This carousel acts as the turning object for the scope.  There are two kaleidoscope barrels with two different 3-mirror systems - a 30-60-90 system and a 60-60-60 system.  This scope is signed, named, numbered (2/3) and dated (2018) by the artist.  The scope has two Swarovski crystal encrusted LED lights on chains to provide extra illumination which creates brilliant images when directed at the carousel.  This scope measures 18"T x 18"L x 5"W at the base.