Southwest Confluence

Sugich, David - Ultimate Reflections
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This is David Sugich's "Southwest Confluence".  This scope stands 21"T x 6" x 6".  This scope has a long tapered equilateral 3-mirror system and it is made of 2 sides blue marbled stained glass  and one side of pearlescet glass and textured dichroic glass with decorative soldering.  There is a clear marble at the narrow end working as a teleidoscopic object to generate a kaleidoscopic image of whatever you look at through the scope at the very end.  The artist has drawn southwestern images on one side of the mirror system which are then reflected onto the other two sides of mirror.  Also in this scope there are loose beads that fall toward the eyepiece when lifted up quickly to the ceiling.  Then when the kaleidoscope is lowered quickly, the tiny beads will fall away from you.  This scope is signed and named by the artist.