Seque Next Generation # 1 of 11

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"Seque Next Generation" is a parlor/handheld numbered series kaleidoscope by Steve and Sherry Hopkins.  This scope has a 2-mirror system with a 6-point mandala.  This scope is attached to the base with magnets and can be easily removed from the base and used as a handheld.  The body of the scope is a staved and segmented tube of over 300 alternating pieces of Australian Figured Eucalyptus, Padauk, and Walnut.  The magnetic stand is also a staved tube of the same woods on a walnut base.  This scope has a turning end, liquid-filled, side-lit object cell that includes a combination of dichroic glass or film, custom lampworked glass and other found items.  This scope on the stand measures 7"T.  The scope barrel is 7-3/4"L x 2-3/4" in diameter and the stand is 6-1/4" x 6-1/4".  The base is signed (s2jerome Hopkins), named (Segue NG), dated (2019) and numbered (1/11) by the artists.