On Pointe

Tickle, Marc - On Reflection
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"On Pointe" is a wonderful one-of-a-kind parlor kaleidoscope by Marc Tickle.  This scope incorporates tru-vue glass in all areas for really clear viewing.  This scope interior is hand-painted, drawn, gilded and penned.  There is a 3" in diameter, fluid-filled, turning object cell that includes lampworked glass, millefiori, dichroic glass, beads and other gilttery items.  This scope has a 2-mirror system and creates fabulous images.  The body of this scope on two sides is a unique design that almost feels quilted.  The scope is signed (M Tickle), dated ('18), numbered (1 of 1) and named (On Pointe) by the artist.  The scope measures 15"T x 6"W x 12"deep.