Oh Be Joyful

Reynolds, Mark - Kaleidovisions
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This is "Oh Be Joyful" by Mark and Carol Reynolds.  This wonderful wooden parlor kaleidoscope has an unusual tapered 3-mirror system that produces a floating colorful sphere image with spikes.  There is a large fluid-filled, turning object chamber that includes lampworked glass, sparkles, shells, beads and multiple glass pieces.  There is a large viewing port for easy viewing of the crystalline light sculpture interior.  This kaleidoscope measures 15"T x 10-1/2"W x 12"L and it weighs 8-1/4 lbs.  This scope is named (Oh Be Joyful), signed (Mark and Carol Reynolds) and dated (12/2019) by the artists.  This scope comes with a battery operated light that sits in a wooden base that matches the scope.