Octopus Garden

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This is "Octopus Garden" by Israeli artist, Roy Cohen.  The main source of Roy's inspiration for this scope comes from the rich formations and bold colors imprinted in his memory from deep sea diving.  During his teen years, family holiday's were spent in the Sinai Desert on the shores of the Red Sea.  Days would be spent snorkeling though the wonderful coral reefs with their luninescent nature, wonderful colors and movement of the sea and its marine life.  Lately Roy found a beautiful underwater video filmed with luminescent UV light which suprisingly had the kind of images that he wanted to create in this new scope.  All of that served as his inspiration to create this unusual scope while he tried to touch and replicate the same magical beauty of marine nature.

The "Octopus Garden" has a tapered mirror system, a pyramidal shape, is fully hand made with brass structure and brass fish scale finish.  It has internal moving colored soft silicone phosphoric luminescent objects with UV lighting via fiber optics.  This scope is unique with a new technique.  It has colored silicone soft moving objects that are inside the scope mirror system as opposed to having the objects in a object chamber outside of the mirror system.  With this method, Roy has created beautiful magical 3-D effects that mimic moving marine plants, gardens, and creatures, also reminding us of the fantastic animated gardens in the now famous Avatar movie.

The movement in this scope is amazing!  It actually looks like there are live creatures living in this wonderful piece as you turn the wheel at the bottom of the scope.  Everything within comes alive with illumination from the attached UV light.  This scope measures 19"T on the stand.  The scope body is 14"L x 6-1/2"W x 8"deep and it has a wonderfully large viewing port for easy viewing of this undersea scene.