Nova Hexagonal

Sugich, David - Ultimate Reflections
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This is David Sugich's "Nova Hexagonal".  This scope stands 17"T x 4" x 4".  This scope has a long tapered equlateral 3-mirror system and it is made of 2 sides of colored stained glass and one side pearlescent white glass with decorative soldering.  There is a clear marble at the narrow end working as a teleidoscopic object to generate a kaleidoscopic image of whatever you look at through the scope.  The artist has drawn concentric lines in purple, orange, red and green on one side of the mirror system, which are then reflected onto the other two sides of mirror.  These lines create a hexagonal beehive effect in the scope.  Also in this scope there are loose beads that fall toward the eyepeice when lifted up quickly to the ceiling.  Then when the kaleidoscope is lowered quickly, the tiny beads seem to make the ball in the middle of the image jump.  These effects can be modified by modifying the speed at which you tilt the scope.  These scopes come in different colors of stained glass so please call the store to determine which colors we have in stock prior to ordering.