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Netsuke are miniature sculptures invented in Japan in the 17th century.  Typically made of wood or ivory, they were used to suspend articles from the sash of a kimono.  Now they decorate these beautiful kaleidoscopes from Judith Paul and Tom Durden.  These scopes have a 2 mirror system, 5 points, and a liquid filled cell.  Each scope is "themed" and the interior image reflects the nature of each Netsuke on the top.  These scopes come in 4 different powder coated bodies and each has its own unique "Netsuke" gracing the top (rooster, rabbit, frog, turtle, dragon, mouse, ram and more).  The scope measures approximately 10 1/2" H (depending on the Netsuke).  TO ORDER, PLEASE CALL NELLIE BLY AT (928) 634-0255 TO VERIFY AVAILABILITY AND SELECTION.