Manta Ray

Bergeson, Henry - Blackfoot Ventures
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This wonderful limited edition kaleidoscope is "Manta Ray" by Henry Bergeson.  This scope is a wood body on a metal pedestal.  The end caps are Moradillo, the wings are cold molded veneer - the outer layer being quarter sawn Oak veneer, the shoulder joints are Bubinga and the object case bezel is Cocobolo and Maple.  The wooden "wings" are removable, fitting into metal pegged slots on the sides of the main body.  The metal "antenna" which form the base are removable, as well.  There is a removable 4" in diameter oil-filled object cell that slides into a slot in the front of the piece which can then be manually turned to vary the images.  The object cell has one wood rim and one metal rim and it is1-3/4" deep.  This scope has a 2-mirror 15-point system, it  measures 17"T x 19"L x 21-1/2"W, and it is signed (HTB), dated (97) and numbered (11/20) by the artist.  Henry intended to make 20 of these scopes but actually only 16 were made.

A Henry Bergeson kaleidoscope is a marvelous blend of engineering and design.  Each kaleidoscope style reflects Henry's meticulous attention to detail, a result of his mechanical engineering education.  Through real and "other world" experiences, he developed a sense of the finished product and a flair for design.  Working with wood has come naturally to Henry and is a most expressive medium for his scopes.  There is a flow and a gentleness to each of his kaleidoscopes, making them a joy to have, hold and play with.  A native of New England, Bergeson now resides in the Colorado Mountains, getting his inspiration form his panoramic view of Pike's Peak.