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Chesnik, Jan & Ray w/ Jon Green
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This work by Janice & Ray Chesnik and their son, Jon Greene, is sleek and contemporary. Designed as a parlor scope, the body easily lifts from the base to be enjoyed as a hand-held. This scope body is brass and its base comes in both oak and walnut. Contempo comes with 3 interchangeable wheels in textured dichroic, smooth dichroic and agate.  You can also switch the textured dichroic wheel for a millefiori wheel for a different look. The mirror system is a modified 3-mirror system creating an endless image. This scope measures 11 1/2" long by 12" tall. The wheel diameter is 4 1/4" and the base measures 5 1/4" by 9". For a smaller version of this scope, look for the Small Contempo in our product list.