Into the Rainbow

Ade, Bob & Grace - Kaleidoscopes
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"Into the Rainbow" is a parlor kaleidoscope by Bob Ade mounted on a glass pedestal and base.  This scope contains front surface mirrors that form a nine point star mandala image in a 9" kiln fused and slumped oval shaped dichroic glass case.  The liquid filled object chamber at the end of the case containes glass pieces in a liquid chamber that tumble in slow motion as the chamber is rotated.  The viewing end is fitted with a magnifying eyepiece.  The glass pedestal and base complete the parlor scope configuration.  This scope measures 12"T x 9"L x 3-5/8"W and it is inscribed with its name, signed by the artist and dated 2015.  The scope pictured here is #37/41.  This kaleidoscope is magnificent!