Internal Combustion

Knapp, Randy & Shelly - Knapp Studios
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"Internal Combustion" is a handheld kaleidoscope by Randy and Shelley Knapp from their "For the Love of Color" series.  This scope has an orange marbelized barrel with matching orange anodized metal trim.  The image was inspired by fire.  Some of the hand lampworked glass has been frosted to create a glowing effect.  Shelley has also included hand lampworked dichroic glass to enhance the image.  This scope has a turning end, side-lit dry object cell and dichroic filters.  The object cell has been ornamentally turned on Randy's hand built Rose Engine lathe.  This scope has a 2-mirror 6-point system, it measures 7-1/4"T x 2-3/8" in diameter at the eyepiece end, and it is signed (S. Knapp), dated ('05) and numbered (#31).