Integration (Bright)

Knapp, Randy & Shelly - Knapp Studios
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"Integration (Bright)" is a beautiful handheld kaleidoscope by Randy and Shelley Knapp.  This scope is housed in a hand-turned wood barrel.  The shape of the barrel is influenced by the mirror system, which consists of two mirrors tapered and set at a 30 degree angle to produce a 6-point image.  A glass magnification lens enhances the image from the front surface mirrors.  The object cell is fluid-filled to create a slow continuous movement of the individually lampworked glass pieces.  The rotator ring is CNC machined to create a precise easy turning end.  This version of "Integration" has a bright image with dichroic windows on the sides of the object cell.  This scope measures 8-3/4"L x 2" in diameter at the object cell end and it comes with a small black wooden stand.