Dichromosaic II

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Artists: JUdith Paul & Tom Durden ---- EXQUISITE! A SHOW-STOPPER!

Rich, luscious and just plain dazzling, this newest limited-edition parlor scope by Judith and Tom has it all. Hand-crafted dichroic glass mosaics surround the base and accent the top of the scope. All metal parts are powder-coated with a shimmering, glittered glaze for added pizzazz. Inside, there's an intriguing, modified two-mirror system - which creates vibrant 6-point mandalas with ray-like partial reflections ascending the full length of the scope! And the cells! Three magical object cells (liquid with dichroic and other objects) which look very similar when examined outside the scope, but which, once inside, produce delightfully different images. There's even a wire basket to hold cells not in use.

The bottom line? A totally unified scope that celebrates the magic of the mosaic inside and out!
Approximately 19" high.