Deep Sea

Wakabayashi, Hiroshi
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"Deep Sea" is a handheld kaleidoscope creation by Hiroshi Wakabayashi.  This scope has a copper body in the shape of a fish complete with fins, a removable tail and gold epoxy accents with bits of mirror to make it glittery.  This scope has a 2-mirror system that produces ghostly kaleidoscopic images.  This scope is self-lit.  You activate the battery powered light by pushing a button on top of the scope and the light comes out of the silver "antennae" and is directed at the fluid-filled, 2-3/4" in diameter, turning end object cell.  You can access the eyepiece by removing the tail.  This scope measures 10-1/2"L (with the tail attached) x 6"W x 7"T.  Two AAA batteries run the internal light and are housed in the bottom of the fish body.