Crystal Earth

Paul, Judith & Durden, Tom - Images
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"Crystal Earth" is a parlor kaleidoscope by Judith Paul & Tom Durden.  The base is a globe covered entirely with hundreds of pieces of transparent dichroic glass.  On top of the globe is a 2-mirror kaleidoscope that is a soft textured silver and decorated with more dichroic glass.  All the metal parts of the scope and the stand are powder coated in a soft textured silver.  This scope has a liquid-filled, side-lit, interchangeable 2-1/4" in diameter object cell that has a black background and turns within the object case.  The scope has a magnifying lens.  This piece measures 15-1/2"T x x 8"W x 10-1/2"L and it is signed on the bottom by the artists (Judith Paul, JP/TD).