Crossfire in Shedua

Redmond, Michael
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"Crossfire" is the creation of Michael Redmond.  Michael has been creating, designing and selling his kaleidoscopes to different galleries since 1990.  The "Crossfire" is his favorite.  Made from beautiful hardwoods (this scope is of Shedua wood) with a custom curved, fluid-filled acrylic wand fabricated by Michael and filled with his own lampworked glass.  The 3-dimensional design of the "Crossfire", and the unique curved wand help to create an elegant statuesque work of art.

The design of the "Crossfire's" unique wand with the black background is considered a side-lit scope.  When viewing the "Crossfire", keep the wand vertical so the lampworked glass can flow freely past the 3-mirror system creating continuous bursts of color.  This scope measures 12"T x 12"W x 2-1/2" deep.