Cosmic Waves

Kittelson, Peggy & Steve - Woodland Designs, Inc.
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A beautiful handheld kaleidoscope from Peggy and Steve Kittelson.  The base glass for the body of the scope is made by Spectrum and some of the shapes and texture comes from the glass.  When the glass is fired to bend it, 1430 degrees, the texture and how light reacts with the dichroic changes.  This scope has a  2 mirror system with a 3rd side of reflective dichroic glass and a 5 point mandala.  The Kittelsons call this mirror system "Northern Lights" because it resembles the shifting colors and patterns of the Northern Lights in winter.  The cell is fluid filled with lampworked glass.  This kaleidoscope is signed by the artists, stands 10 1/2" H x 2 1/4" W, and comes with a wooden stand.