Chameleon Parlor

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This is "Cameleon Parlor", a collaboration piece by Marc Tickle and Alan Carter.  This scope has a light-collecting diffused window on top that filters the light.  This filtering process causes the light to emit different colors in the scope depending on the angle of the scope to the light.  So, as you move the scope up or down while viewing, your entire experience is bathed in changing light and colors.  The mandalas created in this scope are surrounded by this immersion of delicat hues and the viewer is presented with a very unique kaleidoscopic experience.  The scope stands on a lovely wooden base by Alan Carter and the scope stands 12"T and the wooden base is 5" in diameter.  The barrel of the scope is acrylic with art paper inside.  There is a turning, fluid-filled object chamber that includes lampworked glass, dichroic glass, and UV-reactive material that lights up differently when you use a black light as your light source to create even more variation in your viewing experience.  The body and object cell of this scope measure11-1/2"L x 2-1/2"W at the eyepiece end.  This scope is signed by the artists (Marc Tickle and Alan Carter) and it is dated 2017.