Chamber Extenuation

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This is "Chamber Extenuation - Put your best color on..." by Steven Gray.  This is a limited edition scope of 25 and this scope is marked "Gray and Gray Woodwrights, 1990, 5/25".  Steven considered this parlor kaleidoscope to be among his best.  The piece is made of Maple Burl and Ebony.  The separate piece in front of the scope is a mirror, serving to reflect light onto the image chamber and, in turn, vignette the image.  Light enters through the left side of the scope's barrel, which is glass, rather than wood.  The barrel houses a 2-mirror system, creating a seventeen point star.  The image chamber is filled with lampworked glass made in the studio.  Interchangeable glass slides fit in the slot on the narrow side of the scope.  Eleven different slides are provided and vary in color and/or pattern.  Each slide creates a dynamically different mood in the image.  In effect, the slide creates color in the barrel so the image is suspended in the color.  The slides are housed in the base of the scope.  This scope measures 14-1/2"T x 11-3/4"W x 13-1/2"deep.