Brewster's Heraldic Shield

Tickle, Marc - On Reflection
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"Brewster's Heraldic Shield" was a collaboration piece with Marc Tickle and his father Derik. Derick Tickle is the current heraldic artist for the Middle Temple and House of Lords in London, a post that has been held since the 1500's. He is a heraldic painter, which means he paints the Heraldic Arms for the Lords. A heraldic shield is an illuminated coat of arms, surrounded by scrolls defining the recipients academic accomplishments and points of merit. Sir David Brewster's shield was designed by Derick taking the Brewster name and then reflecting the kaleidoscope on the top of the shield, his brass iconic scopes. When this was completed, Derick had the original photographed and used a computer to arrange the image into a specific angle that Marc had asked for and he used it as the base of the piece. The kaleidoscopic effect is amazing. The three spheres that float up to the top of the base image are set in Fibonaccian sequence and represent Kalos, Eidos and Scopeo. The top of the piece, the actual working kaleidoscope, is a 5 point, two mirror system with an image of Sir David at the end with the mandala. This is #1 of a limited edition of 10. The kaleidoscope is 23" tall and the scope is 15" long and is 5" wide.