Brass Double Wand Kaleidoscope

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This is a wonderful small brass kaleidoscope with two object wands by Marc Tickle.  These scopes come in either plain brass or brass with a dragonfly decoration.  The images in these scopes are clear, bright and ever moving.  The object wands are fluid-filled and have glitter and stars that pass by the 3-mirror system to create beautiful kaleidoscopic movement.  These scopes measure 7"L x 3/4" in diameter.  The object wands are 6"L.


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    Crisp colors

    Posted by Lisette D Ramos-Voigt on May 9th 2021

    Vibrant colors in wonderful combinations and shapes that change and flow as the particles inside the tubes dance around each other within the liquid in which they are encased. Gorgeous, mesmerizing, and addictive. You can’t just put it down. Wonderful addition to my collection, as it is beautiful on the outside as in the inside.