Bluebird Sky

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"Bluebird Sky" is a beautiful parlor kaleidoscope by Sue Rioux.  This scope features lovely bluebirds on an increadible blue stained glass background with tree branches and leaves.  Blue glass rods and decorative soldering embellish the scope.  What a lovely scene!  This scope has a large rotating jewel and glass object cylinder and there are two different mirror systems, a 2-mirror system and a 3-mirror system.  And to top it all of this entire scope rotates freely 180 degrees on the wood base.  This scope measures 14"T x 9"W (at the base) x 3-3/4"deep (at the base).  It is signed (Sue Rioux), dated (2018), named (Bluebird Sky), and numbered  (4/5) by the artist.