Bluebird House

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"Bluebird House" is a parlor kaleidscope by Massimo Strino that features a lovely little birdhouse studded with Swarovski crystals.  This piece has a 7-½"L x 1-5/8" in diameter kaleidoscope with a 3-mirror system.  When the scope is directed at the birdhouse it creates brilliant images.  The birdhouse can be turned to wind the music box and as it turns it plays "Singing in the Rain".  This kaleidoscope comes with a Swarovski crystal encrusted LED light that can be used to shine extra light on the birdhouse as you view it through the scope.  The scope is marked with the name (Bluebird House), numbered (21/25), signed (Massimo), and dated (2022).  This piece measures 16"T x 11"L x 5-½"W at the base.