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This is "Bella G", a parlor kaleidoscope by Arny Weinstein.  Arny named this scope after his mother!  The handsome body of this large parlor scope is made of a combination of Cherry, Maple and Santos Rosewood.  It has two 3-1/2" in diameter object cells that are side-lit, fluid-filled, and include lots of colorful lampworked glass and dichroic glass pieces.  One object cell turns on the top of the scope and changes the rings around the central image and the other is at the end of the scope and, when turned, changes the internal columnar image.  The interior of this scope is amazing!  This scope has an extra large viewing port for easy viewing.  This scope measures 14"T x 18"L x 6-1/2"W and it weighs 10 lbs.  This is a limited edition scope and only 18 were made.