Jansen, Robert
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One of the most unusual items in our collection of gently used scopes, "Behemoth" is actually 8 scopes in a single large parlor kaleidoscope by artist Robert Jansen.  Using an internal LED light source and external power supply, this scope has eight different object cells and eight veiwing ports.

There are two mechanisms at work in this scope.  When you turn the ship's wheel on the end of the scope it actually turns all eight of the object cells individually to vary the image in each.  When you turn the knob on the side of the scope it changes the cells from one viewing port to another.  With these two mechanisms you can vary the images in this scope endlessly!  

This scope measures 14"T x 8"W x 13" deep.  The barrel casing on this scope measures 8-1/2" in diameter. This engineering marvel weighs 21 lbs.