Alchemist Small

Kojima, Jun - Alchemy
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"Alchemist Small" are wonderful colorful ceramic kaleidoscopes by artist Jun Kojima.  Each of these scope bodies is unique.  These scopes come in both a 2-mirror 4-point system and a 3-mirror system and they have fluid-filled, non-turning, side-lit object chambers with internal colors that match the outside colors of the scopes.  These kaleidoscopes measures approximately 4"T x 1-1/4" in diameter.

Jun Kojima graduated from Tama Art University and in 2005, exhibited works in Karakow, Poland.  This artist considers making a kaleidoscope alchemy, which leads the visitor to a different dimensional world at the moment he or she looks into the small eye hole.

Please call the store prior to ordering one of these scopes to determine which colors we currently have in stock.