Durette, Luc & Sally - Kaleidoscope Artistry
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"Aglow" is a limited edition handheld kaleidoscope by Luc and Sallie Durette.  This is the Durette's 4th Christmas kaleidoscope.  There is a green wood barrel with flamestitch veneer in greens and red.  This scope has a oil-filled, side-lit, turning end object cell that features flaemworked glass candy canes, dichroic and silver-lined glass, 18 ct. gold-plated jeweled balls, leaves, filigree and miniature colored lights.  Polarized optics shift the background colors through shades of evergreen, rose, white and neutral by turning the outermost band on the object cell end of the scope.  This scope has a 2-mirror 7-point system and it measures 8-5/8"T x 2-3/8" in diameter.  The scope is signed (Luc & Sallie Durette), dated (2000), named (Aglow), and numbered (185/300) by the artists.