Aero Santa

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"Aero Santa" is a fantastic one-of-a-kind Christmas kaleidoscope by Massimo Strino.  This piece has two kaleidoscopes each with a different 3-mirror system.  When these are directed at the object, which is a whimsical Santa in a little aero plane, the scopes create brilliant images.  This Santa and his plane are encrusted with Swarovski crystals and they turn on a musical base that plays "Jingle Bells" when wound.  Each of the two kaleidoscopes has its own Swarovski crystal encrusted LED light that can be used to shine extra light on the Santa and plane as you view then through the scopes.  Each of the two scope barrels are covered in a beautiful, shimmery patterned velvet.  The entire piece measures 22-1/2"T x 17"L x 5"W at the base.  The scope is signed (Massimo), dated (2019), named (Aero Santa), and numbered (1/1).